Friday, June 09, 2006

A new label will fix it

Back in December, we discussed what new names IDolators might seek to rename their doctrine after its defeat in Dover. Unfortunately, no one predicted it. Proposed names included:

  • we-know-who-did-it-but-we-can't-say-ism?
  • Artificial Selection
  • Purposeful Arrangement of Parts
  • Telic Evolution
  • Telic Selection
  • Planned Selection
  • Divine Design
  • Divine Selection
  • Prescribed Evolution
  • Pre-Ordained Adaptation
Unfortunately, we were all wrong. Billy Dembski thinks it's time to switch from ID to Intelligent Evolution. Not because he realizes that ID is intellectually vacuous and a new concept needs a new name, but because a survey of coverage of ID shows that it's being covered as religion not science. Change the name and the problem goes away.

Billy, here's a hint. It isn't the word "design" that's at issue. The problem is the content of the concept is religious, not scientific. Call it whatever you want.