Saturday, June 17, 2006

Republican oddities

Why does Scott Schwab feel obliged to change the colors of random letters?

Also, is it just the pedant in me, or does this passage make you think Scott Schwab didn't get a high school diploma? He explains that if you compromise:

you will lose so bad you will never come back. Frankly, no one will want you to come back.
"Lose" is a verb, it take an adverb to modify it. "…lose so badly…"

It doesn't make any difference because his strong stance against compromise, even with English grammar, will endear him to the tiny fraction of the populace that agrees with him on everything. Clearly everyone else should seek other candidates.

Furthermore, if – as he claims – "we have always been at a crossroads, and we will always be at a crossroads," it means we haven't moved and aren't moving. Metaphors should be treated more gently than that.

And for any and all Republican readers out there, does it bug you when people say:
I believe it is time for Congress to start talking about balancing the budget … let's make the tax cuts permanent and stop deficit spending.
Or is that really appealing? It's a common talking point, but honestly, if you add tax cuts to a deficit, you get a bigger deficit. That's basic math. I think it makes people look innumerate.

It really makes no difference, but I think he ought to rephrase this passage in any future mailings:
If we quit when the Democrats wanted, leading terrorist Al-Zarqawi would still be plotting attacks against our soldiers.
First, many Democrats didn't want to go in the first place. Zarqawi was in the No Fly Zone before the invasion, and the Bush White House decided against killing him before the war. Third, it's not clear when Democrats writ large wanted to pull out. All the serious proposals put forward have been for a gradual withdrawal, letting the Iraqis take over smoothly along the way. Not quitting, just changing tactics.

Finally, and I realize this is pedantic, but if we pulled out of Iraq, Zarqawi wouldn't be killing American soldiers. He might still be killing Iraqi soldiers, and that'd still be bad. But Schwab didn't really think through what he wrote.

And that's a problem.

While we're at it, BTR is right that Ahner should have used a spell-checker, unless we're really meant to "Go With AHner."