Thursday, June 29, 2006

The revenge of the Nitpicker

Back in response to stupidity from Justice Clarence "I know more about war than a veteran" Thomas, erstwhile Kansas blogger Nitpicker writes that Florida's Katherine Harris is right! We're talking minimum wage here:
is there anything to their argument that businesses hurt when wages go up. After all, Katherine Harris is running for Senate on the idea that her Republican-led home state of Florida is doing very well, economically.

According to Harris, Florida is a state on the right track.

"We are the envy of every state in the nation," Harris said. "We have the lowest unemployment rate and the highest job creation."

Harris is right. Florida is kicking economic ass.

What Harris won't mention is that this fact proves Republicans wrong. In November 2004, the citizens of Florida banded together and passed an amendment to the state's consitution, drafted by fellow blogger Nathan Newman, raising the minimum wage and pegging future increases to the Consumer Price Index.
The amendment passed with 71% support, and that cooking Florida economy followed. It didn't destroy the economy, produce rampant unemployment, or destroy society's moral fabric. It did exactly what everyone thought it would: raised the standard of living for the very poor, and enriched the rest of society along the way.