Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Strategic voting alert

While the Republican primary in Kansas is usually the interesting one, State Board of Education member Janet Waugh is being challenged in the Democratic primary this August. People in the 1st Board district should consider registering to vote in that primary, even if it means they don't get to help pick which Republican will lose to the Governor in the fall.

I don't know who Jesse Hall is, and Google isn't telling me much. Waugh was expecting a challenge from a conservative Democrat who she expected would run a stealth campaign. I don't know if Hall is that candidate, but I wouldn't be surprised.

The 1st district is mostly Wyandotte County, with parts of Leavenworth Co. and a little of Douglas and Jefferson counties. The Democratic primary allows Democrats and unaffiliated voters to vote. The Republican primary requires the voter to be a registered Republican.

Anyone who knows anything about Mr. Hall is encouraged to drop TfK a line.