Monday, July 03, 2006

Did a chickenhawk sprout wings?

Jim Ryun, like many supporters of the ill-conceived occupation of Iraq, is an able-bodied man. He's older than Army rules permit for new recruits, and a hearing problem may be enough to keep him out of combat, but his son is prime age for service in Iraq, and I'm sure that he could pull some strings to get into uniform if he really, really wanted to.

So, when I see a headline that says "Ryun goes to Iraq," I think that maybe the chickenhawk grew wings. Of course, disappointment set in. It turns out that Rep. Ryun, who sits on the Armed Services committee, is making his first ever trip to the quagmire he helped create:
Always a strong supporter of the war in Iraq, U.S. Rep. Jim Ryun, a Republican from Lawrence, on Monday said he saw nothing to change his mind during his first visit this weekend to the war-torn region.
Congressman Moore has been to Iraq at least twice, once in January of 2004, once last December. He came back from his visits with insights into the situation, and found ways to help servicemen and women. It's time that Jim Ryun at least saw what he helped wreak on that country, and while it's not quite equivalent to taking flight, at least the chickenhawk has finally left the nest.

Nancy Boyda is seeking to take the 2nd District's seat back for people who care about what's happening in Iraq. "The American people back our soldiers and back our troops, but unfortunately there has never been a plan to win this war." With Iraq, as with so much else, nothing will change until we change Congress. Give generously.