Thursday, July 13, 2006


Remember, the Dodos went extinct. Randy Olson, director of Flock of Dodos, Dexplained to Carl Zimmer that:
[Pro-science candidates for the Kansas Board of Ed.] are receiving NO SUPPORT from outside organizations. In spite of all the bellyaching and agonizing of the national science organizations from AAAS to the National Academy of Science, not one dollar is coming into the state to support the [Kansas Alliance for Education] which is the main grassroots group assembled to fight the attack on evolution
No big national PACs are giving to the candidates. It falls to you, dear readers, to show that the world is watching, and that the science community is capable of matching the organized power of the right-wing fundamentalists who are pushing creationism into our schools.

Up to $500 each can be sent to such wonderful candidates as:

District 1 (pro-science incumbent, Kansas City and outlying areas):
Janet Waugh (primary)

District 9 (southeast, incumbent resigning):
Kent Runyan
Jana Shaver (primary)

District 3 (suburban Kansas City, tight race):
Harry McDonald (primary)
Don Weiss (online donation form)

District 5 (big western district, more space means higher costs):
Tim Cruz
Sally Cauble (primary)

District 7 (neither candidate seems to have a web presence, north-central Kansas):
Donna Viola (primary, science groups split on endorsements)
Jack Wempe

Primaries are on August 1, which is not so far away. If we can win those 5 primaries, we'll the Board, and we'll have serious campaigns between thoughtful, qualified people. Yes, I might take sides between some of these candidates if a pro-science candidate wins a primary, but these candidates are good people who will represent their constituents and our nation's children well.

$500 is the maximum. There are no minimums. Give as much as you feel comfortable with. My favorite amount to give to campaigns is $15, and I'm just an impoverished graduate student. You can probably afford more.