Wednesday, July 05, 2006

An end to the thimerosal/autism claims?

Study clears MMR vaccine of autism link:
"There is no relationship between the level of exposure to MMR vaccines and thimerosal–containing vaccines and rates of autism," says Dr. Eric Fombonne, Director of Pediatric Psychiatry at The Montreal Children's Hospital of the MUHC and lead investigator of the new study. Thimerosal was used to prevent bacterial and fungal contamination in the manufacture of various vaccines until its elimination from vaccine formulas in 1996 in Quebec. "According to our data, the incidence of autism was higher in children who were vaccinated after thimerosal was eliminated from vaccines," says Dr. Fombonne.
The study assessed 28,000 children in Quebec, and didn't substantiate any link between autism and the thimerosal that was once used as a preservative in vaccines. Hopefully this will be enough to keep Kansas legislators from banning vaccines which use thimerosal, and maybe even to silence the people trying to sue vaccine makers over their child's autism.