Monday, July 31, 2006

Endorsements, predictions, and get out and vote!

Not that you care, but here's who I want people to vote for, and who I think will win:

Governor: Who cares? The candidates are indistinguishable, so write in JustCara. Barnett will probably win, though his tactics leave much to be desired.

Sec. of State: Ron Thornburgh beats his anti-suffragette opponent. Hallelujah.

Sec. of Insurance: Sandy Praeger should fend off her conservative opponent. Help her do it.

Board of Ed.: Endorsements go to Janet Waugh, Harry McDonald, Sally Cauble, Donna Viola, and Jana Shaver (in order of district number).

Turnout will be key, and none of these candidates has a lock. I think Waugh will win, and I expect McDonald has a good shot. The suburban and urban areas they'd represent are relatively easy to get the vote out in. The more rural districts will be tougher, but I'd say that Jana Shaver has an edge given that there's no incumbent. I think Sally Cauble's race against Connie Morris will be down to the wire. And while I desperately want Viola to win, I haven't seen enough from her campaign to feel much confidence.

House races: I haven't followed these closely. There are quite a few contested primaries. Part of me wants moderates to win so that the legislature won't be populated by nutballs, but the rest of me thinks that Democratic opponents will do better against conservatives in many of those districts, and I'd rather elect Democrats than moderate Republicans, at least on average. I'll predict that moderates will do better than usual.

Post your predictions and endorsements in other races in the comments.