Thursday, July 20, 2006

FEC filings

Congressional candidates filed their disclosure forms recently, and the results are intriguing.

In the big race in the Kansas 2nd, incumbent Jim Ryun raised $206,862.54 since March, for $592,042.54 total. He has $421,896.71 in the bank. Challenger Nancy Boyda has raised $173,012.70 for $246,939.93 total. She has $160,980.15 on hand. The difference reflects their different views of government.

While certain small donations didn't have to be reported individually, most of the money raised was reported. Boyda reported $126,300 and Ryun reported $200,308. Of that money, Boyda got $23,000 in PAC contributions, mostly from union groups that represent major industries in the area. The remainder came from individuals.

Ryun reported $137,377 from PACs, but only $62,931 from individuals. While it's clear that the financial services industry wants Ryun to stay on the committee that oversees their work, the public is voting with their wallets, and the tide is in Boyda's favor.

Of course, to overcome the interests of the banks, conservative PACs and special interests, we all have to step up our own contributions. Give to Nancy, and put Josh Rosenau as your 20/20 team leader.

Dennis Moore raised $280,315.27 since March, for a total of $1,269,335 raised this cycle. He has $543,888,78 on hand. Maynard Ahner raised a whopping $22,316.12 since March, and has raised a total of $59,111.79. Throw in the $100,000 loan he gave his campaign, and he has $157,459.78 on hand. Scott Schwab raised $25,145, for a total of $42,605 raised, and has only $15,887 on hand. The astoundingly verbose Thomas Scherer didn't file electronically, so we don't know if he beat last quarter's fundraising success of $20.
The other campaigns in Kansas are shaping up as cakewalks for incumbents. John Doll in the big 1st has $7,264 on hand, having raised a little over $3,000 since March. Jerry Moran has nearly $700,000 in the bank. It's a shame, because Doll is a great guy and would really make a great congressman.