Wednesday, July 19, 2006

ID radio ad

Apparently, the ID Network has rolled out this ad to back a series of thinly veiled campaign stops around the state:

Do you think it's right to censor evidence from public schools just because it questions Darwinism?

Children believe what they are taught in school, and what they believe about where we came from effects their decisions about religion, ethics and morality.

Our current Board of Education understood that, and that's why they adopted new science standards.

The new standards seek to inform students about human origins objectively instead of showing them only one side of this scientific controversy.

You have probably heard a different story. Help preserve the new standards. Learn the truth from three experts at a free conference.
First, no one censors evidence. Second, IDC offers no evidence – at most they complain about the absence of evidence for particular details of obscure systems.

Third, science class is not where religion, ethics and morality are supposed to be taught. If the Board wanted to give standards for a course in religion, ethics or morality, we could have had that debate. But they decided against that course, choosing instead to mess with science standards.

Fourth, the Board didn't all read the standards, hence couldn't have understood what they were adopting.

Fifth, the standards are not objective. Sixth, there is no scientific controversy.

Seventh, the three "experts" aren't expert in any relevant field.

Lying liars …