Wednesday, July 19, 2006

KSBoE member John Bacon: Local control is whatever the state board decides

Kansas City Star: Local control is a key issue:
All three Republican candidates for the 3rd District Kansas Board of Education seat claim local control of schools as a key part of their platform.

But they don’t agree on how local that control should be.

Incumbent John Bacon says he’s worried that local school boards disregard the concerns of parents and the community.

“Some of our public schools have lost touch with what the public is, as far as values,” he said. “It’s important that parents and communities be heard. There are things that the state board can do to help plug in the community and parents.”
Like let local communities handle those issues in ways that keep everyone comfortable?
I'm not backing Oliphant because, while he's got a sensible take on the science standards, he's also talking nonsense:

Oliphant is running in part because he disagrees with the science standards, and in part because he’s concerned about the burden that children of illegal immigrants place on schools.

“It’s a simple issue,” he said. “The law states that you cannot come into the United States illegally. Once you do that, I feel that you are not entitled to taxpayer money.”
Actually, the Supreme Court has held that the state cannot discriminate against some people by denying them access to schools, so even if there were something within the Board of Ed's power to influence policy on immigration, they couldn't restrict children of illegal immigrants from attending schools. It's a red herring, and would waste valuable time on a non-issue.
Don Weiss (D, online donation form)
Harry McDonald (R, primary)