Sunday, July 30, 2006

The lesser of two evils

In addition to the all important Board of Education primaries on Tuesday, Republicans will decide who will wind up getting spanked by Governor Sebelius in November.

Since none of the candidates have any name recognition or traction, things are getting ugly:
In recent days, the Barnett campaign has launched a radio ad accusing the Canfield campaign of lying about Barnett's positions. The Canfield campaign responded with a statement accusing Barnett of lying about Canfield lying about Barnett's positions. And the Barnett campaign issued a statement Saturday accusing Canfield of lying about Barnett lying about Canfield lying about Barnett's positions.

The skirmish could work to the advantage of Jennison, who has stayed out of it.

Jennison said that win or lose, he doesn't want any bruised feelings going into a tough race with Sebelius.

"I think we'll have to have everyone in the Republican Party to win (in November)," he said. "I won't comment about the other candidates. I haven't, and I think it will serve us well after Tuesday."
These are classic schoolyard personalities. Barnett and Canfield whine to everyone about how mean the other guy is, while Jennison tries desperately to believe that everyone will just get along.

It'd be cute if these weren't grown men who think they're qualified to run a state.