Thursday, July 20, 2006

Making it up

KSMeadowlark sez "Planned Parenthood Federation labels Roberts, Alito, Kline, Others: “Terrorists”," so we click through to what is alleged to be a list of "terrorists" and "extremists" and find that it is a list of "anti-choice extremists, political hardliners, and people in the news." Kline is listed, and rightly so.

The word "terrorist" does appear on the same page, but as a link to a series of articles about people who build bombs, shoot people, and mail anthrax threats. These people are generally referred to as terrorists, and rightly so.

KSM, in contrast, is wrong to make things up by claiming that Phill "the extra L is for li-tuh-gai-shun" Kline was called a terrorist.