Tuesday, July 25, 2006

More BoE filings

I attached these comments to an update on my previous post on campaign filings, but wanted to be sure everyone saw it.

The last of the reports are online, and I added them to the tables in the previous post.

Sally Cauble is raising money nicely, though not quite at Connie Morris's level. It's a big district and she still needs your help, as does Tim Cruz, who will face whoever wins that primary. Cauble has $9,288 on hand, compared to Morris' $13,320. Connie has the most cash on hand of any incumbent, and has name recognition and an organization in place. This is a big race to win, and while Cauble has raised a lot of money, she needs more to clinch this thing.

Ken Willard dominated the fundraising in his district, and while I wish one of his opponents was showing signs of kicking him out, I won't hold my breath. I'm reluctantly suggesting that people focus their attention elsewhere, and hope things swing around in time for the general election.

Brad Patzer has more cash on hand than Jana Shaver does, $4,732 to $1,214, and he outspent Shaver roughly $17,000 to $14,000. I really think that race may surprise a lot of people and turn very competitive. I really like both candidates, though I've spent more time with Runyan and confess that I'm a fan. In any event, I won't have to pick a favorite there unless Shaver wins, and I badly want to have a choice between the better of two excellent candidates. So sent Jana some dough! Push her over the top!