Thursday, July 06, 2006

More on Jesse Hall

The Journal World finally gets stealth candidate Jesse Hall to come clean, but doesn't acknowledge the research that bloggers did for him:
Hall, an employee with the Kansas City, Mo., school district, said he didn’t know what all the fuss was about.…

He said he supported the science standards adopted by the 6-4 majority that criticize evolution.

“The way it was set up, evolution was the only thing that could be taught. That doesn’t allow a child to step outside the box so that they themselves learn how to think,” Hall said.

Opponents of the new science standards say they bring intelligent design — the theory that a master designer formed life — into science class.

Hall also supports changes to sex education put in place by the board’s 6-4 majority.
He also doesn't have a beef with Bob Corkins, or much else that the conservative Republicans on the Board have done. Janet Waugh has been a reliable support of good science education and good schools. Don't let dirty tricks take her off the Board.

Get out your checkbook now. Give money to the candidates who will make Kansas schools better.

District 9 (southeast, incumbent resigning):
Kent Runyan
Jana Shaver (primary)

District 3:
Harry McDonald (primary)
Don Weiss (online donation form)

District 5:
Tim Cruz
Sally Cauble (primary)

District 7 (neither candidate seems to have a web presence):
Donna Viola (primary)
Jack Wempe

District 1:
Janet Waugh (incumbent)