Saturday, July 22, 2006

Popular Governor

SurveyUSA has their latest poll of all 50 Governor's approval ratings, and once again, Kathleen Sebelius is in the top tier.

She slid from #10 down to #15, reflecting a reversal of a two month upward trend. Both approval and disapproval ticked up among Independents, while approval dipped among Democrats and Republicans, though 57% of Republicans continue to approve (down from 60%).

Conservative approval dropped below disapproval for the first time since last November, while moderate approval remained higher at 69% than liberal approval. Both dipped slightly.

Approval increased in western Kansas, but declined in Wichita and the east.

Sebelius maintains a huge approval rating and her losses are mostly among groups whose votes were not in doubt. Moderates are unlikely to abandon her given their high approval of her work and general disapproval of the opposing candidates.