Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Stem Cell Bill passes

Veto Is Expected. This will add fire to the active Senate races, where winning 4 seats would get us past a veto-proof majority. Senator Talent, locked in a tight battle with Claire McCaskill and struggling to straddle the fence on stem cell research on federal and state levels, voted against the bill.

Nebraska's Ben Nelson was the lone Democrat voting "no."

Both of Kansas' Senators surprised no one by voting against life-saving research. Senator Brownback has built a career on that platform, and Senator Roberts is working hard on delaying other lifesaving research, research on the process that lead to war.

Trent Lott, in a bid to regain his soul, voted for the bill.

The House passed the bill with much less than a 2/3 majority, including votes against by Kansas Reps. Ryun, Tiahrt and Moran.