Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Stem Cells

First, let it be known that Sam Brownback is a strange, strange man.

Second, let it be know that George Bush hates people with diabetes. Clearly, frozen clumps of cells are worth more to him than real, live people with diseases. Nothing else can explain his veto of HR 810.

Third, the vetoed bill will return to the House, where a swing of a little over a dozen votes could reverse his monstrously silly decision. Wherever you live, call your Representative and ask that he or she support HR 810 when it comes back to the House floor.

And call your Senators. If it makes it through the House, it'll run into the bizarre politics of the Senate, and it's important to lay the groundwork now.

Fourth, vote! This issue will swing some races, and you should work to see that it swings yours toward science.

Update: Never mind. The House failed to override.