Monday, July 17, 2006

Taking back Kansas, vote by vote

Special thanks to Darksyde and Nick Matzke for trying hard to crash Blogger's servers. It looks like linkage from the Thumb and DKos didn't break anything, but we can keep trying.

New readers are encouraged first of all to give to the candidates who will take Kansas back for sanity. I keep saying it, but it matters: Up to $500 each can be sent (in my subjective ordering) to these candidates. Candidates who are facing a primary on August 1 are marked, along with some quick notes about the district:

District 9 (southeast, incumbent resigning):
Kent Runyan (D)
Jana Shaver (R, primary)

District 5 (big western district, more space means higher costs, fighting to replace the looniest of the creationists):
Sally Cauble (R, primary)
Tim Cruz (D)

District 1 (pro-science incumbent, Kansas City and outlying areas):
Janet Waugh (D, primary)

District 3 (suburban Kansas City, tight race):
Harry McDonald (R, primary)
Don Weiss (D, online donation form)

District 7 (neither candidate seems to have a web presence, north-central Kansas):
Donna Viola (primary)
Jack Wempe

I've met many of these candidates, and can say that they are great people who would do great things.

And while you're here, go visit Jeremy Mohn's beautiful site about how to stand up for REAL science. Jeremy is a school teacher who put his summer off to use on a really wonderfully designed site about the real science and the vacuity of the idea of "teaching the controversy" over evolution (which doesn't exist) while ignore real controversies in science that do exist.

And if you haven't given enough, you can always help bring sanity back to the office of the Attorney General. The incumbent, Phill "the extra 'l' is for 'loudmouth'" Kline, has been an ally in the creationist Board's efforts, even offering to defend them if they wanted to put warning stickers on science books.

Paul Morrison is out to bring the experience of a long-time prosecutor back to the office. He's smart, competent, and won't hold illegal meetings to help strategize with creationists. You can contribute here.

And if you want to help take back the House, giving to Nancy Boyda's campaign would be great. She came close in 2004, and is back working hard to unseat the rubber-stamp Republican whose had that seat for far too long. List "Josh Rosenau" as your 20/20 team leader when you give.

You could also give to Kathleen Sebelius, our Democratic governor, looking for a second term, or Dennis Moore, our only Democrat in the House, a great guy who works hard for Kansas and America (the bill requiring the Pentagon to buy soldiers' tickets all the way home, not just to Atlanta, was his idea).

What I hope you'll realize in looking at that list of candidates is that there's a resurgence in Kansas. While there may be something the Matter with Kansas, we're working hard to change that. Check out my coverage of the Democrats' annual shindig last March, including an interview with Senator Obama and another with Congressman Moore. And look at the "Take Back Kansas" rallies that have swept across the state. There's energy out there, and even in deep red Kansas, 2006 will be a good year for a return to sensible politics.

Update: Donna Viola got the MAINPAC endorsement and all the other important ones. I've been re-using a template that predated MAINPAC's endorsement, which was based on a miscommunication. Give her money!