Thursday, July 20, 2006

Unpopular President

In SurveyUSA's - 50 State Presidential Approval poll, there are only three states in which a majority approves of the President, and only 4 in which a plurality approves. Kansas ranks 13th, with approval of 45% and disapproval of 52%. There are only seven states in which majorities do not disapprove of his handling of the job.

Kansas was the 13th highest net approval last month as well, and the president's numbers are basically unchanged. Approval among Republicans climbed a bit, and Democratic approval jumped even more. Independents, however, fled the President, going from 51% disapproval to 74%. Approval among Independents dropped from 41% to 24%.

There were weaker trends among ideologies, with moderates flat, conservatives increasing their approval and liberals decreasing it.