Thursday, August 10, 2006

Cowardly carpetbagger sets a poor example for the kids

The Parsons Sun reports that BoE loser Brad Patzer is going back to Idaho. Setting an example of how to be a gracious loser, Patzer hasn't been returning the paper's calls. Rather than standing by the children of Caney, where he can be close to mom-in-law and ex-BoE member Iris Van Meter, Patzer is off to an alternative school back in Idaho, a state he only left last summer.

Local school superintendent Fulton explains that they'll have to scramble to find a qualified high school math teacher in 7 days, but "Kids are resilient and so are we."

Clearly, more resilient than Brad Patzer. I'm sure he doesn't think it matters, since, as his website points out: "Parents are a child's most important teacher." Who cares that the children of Caney Valley won't have an experienced math teacher? They have parents.

Or maybe Caney Valley just isn't doing enough to encourage their best and brightest. As he explains elsewhere:

Teacher Shortages: In our free market system, a shortage of teachers indicates the need to provide increased incentives for people to become (and remain) teachers. I support enhancing the incentives and environment necessary to encourage our best and brightest to become and remain teachers.
Why, I'm sure the Idaho schools just happened to start calling on August 2nd, just in case he wanted to ditch his school once he lost the election.

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