Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The DI responds?

Paul Nelson issues the first response to last night from DI-land, A Short Fable About Kansas:
Once upon a time, there were a whole bunch of people who thought that what really mattered in thinking hard about design and evolution were state science standards. And school board elections.

Along came a 15 year old kid who loved science, read a lot, thought for herself, and generally saw the adults around her as missing the point. "As if," she said to the cat sleeping at her feet.

Then she smiled and went back to her web browsing.

The End.
See, someone who thinks IDC is science might have expected her to go out, conduct research, publish papers and perhaps contribute something to demonstrate that whatever it is she and her cat think is right actually is. But that isn't the Discovery Institute's style. Her solution was to be blithely dismissive without giving any compelling basis, then to surf the web for a while.

There are many things that describes, but "discovery" isn't one of them. Nor "science."

I suppose this may be Nelson's criticism of the DI for focusing on science standards and elections rather than actually funding and conducting research, but I doubt that that's his angle. I think he's trying to take away our fun.