Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Election update

I realize I forgot to predict the winner in the race to get beaten by Dennis Moore. With 70 of 590 precincts reporting, Chuck Ahner is ahead by 250 votes (27%), and while I'm not calling any winners with so few votes cast, I'd guess that that's how the race will play out.

In the gubernatorial race, Jim Barnett is ahead of Canfield by 12% (~6000 votes) with about a quarter of precincts reporting, and looks likely to win.

Ron Thornburgh retains his huge lead over Kay "why should women vote?" O'Connor, so let's call that race. Let's give Sandy Praeger the Insurance Commissioner race while we're at it.

On the Board of Ed, results on the web are lagging the rumor mill.

Janet Waugh is clearly in a tight race. With 87 of 190 precincts reporting, the race is very close, with only 340 votes separating them Waugh from her stealth challenger. The word on the street is that the race has been called for her though, so that's encouraging.

With 24 of 300 precincts reporting, Harry McDonald and John Bacon are neck-and-neck, with the pro-science McDonald ahead by only 45 votes. David Oliphant is looking like a potential spoiler right now, sapping 16% on a doomed bid. I spoke with Harry, and he sounded pretty down on his prospects, though he won't concede until all the votes are in.

The 5th District is also too close to call. With 162 of 609 precincts in, Sally Cauble is down by only 36 votes. She tells us to watch Ford, Finney and Scott counties, and that she won't feel confident until the last vote is counted.

In the 9th, Jana Shaver is up by 2200 votes, with 9700 counted from 194 of 428 precincts. I expect she'll be feeling good during the time off she tells TfK she's planning to take no matter what happens. Astute readers will recall that I've said that this would be a sleeper race, and I'm feeling good about that prediction. The Star is said to be ready to call this race for Shaver.

In the 7th District, Donna Viola is down 7% (800 votes) to Ken Willard. Even with the votes kooky artist M.T. Liggett siphoned off, she'd still be well behind with 203 of 463 precincts reporting. I was hoping for a surprise there, but it doesn't seem to have panned out.