Wednesday, August 02, 2006


First, a big shout out to John Scopes the day before his birthday. I'm told that scientists have detected a drop in seismic activity near his grave now that he's stopped spinning.

Thanks also to DarkSyde at Daily Kos, the Daou Report and frickin' MSNBC.

Apparently when I said:
The Board is back in moderate hands no matter what. The night is, on balance, a victory. It'd be nice to further marginalize the extremists by winning the remaining races in November, but we've got a majority that will implement the science standards recommended by the scientists, educators and parents of the science standards committee.
I struck a chord, since everyone quoted that. Good for them, I was proud of that, and prouder of what came next:

The Board can focus on bigger issues. They can dig into ways to address the special challenges of rural districts, and to find solutions to the problems faced by the students in poorer urban districts. Real challenges, not fake controversy. Helping kids, not fighting culture wars.

That's what tonight was about, and the kids won. This wasn't Dover rejecting a few municipal officials. It's a whole state turning against the divisiveness of the IDolators. Congratulations, Kansas!
This isn't over, but let's just bask in this for a day or two.

If you're feeling generous, send some money to Don Weiss. His district in suburban Kansas City is still a great pickup opportunity, and we can cement last night's victories, and provide a buffer against elections when everyone forgets the silliness that comes from electing extremists to run the schools.