Wednesday, August 16, 2006

NRCC lags in ad purchases, surrenders Kansas 3rd

MyDD points out that the NRCC's ad purchases fall below the DCCC's, and:
conspicuously absent from the Republican list are perennial targets like Dennis Moore in Kansas and Jim Matheson in Utah.
Democrats are challenging more seats, raising more, spending more, and frankly are fielding better candidates. Dennis Moore's seat isn't safe yet, but when you win as many times as he has in tough fights, the serious opposition looks elsewhere.

And Nancy Boyda continues to raise funds and fight hard to hold Jim Ryun accountable to his constituents. I continue to be amazed that he's even in Congress, let alone a multi-term incumbent. His prior experience is as a fast runner, and he hasn't demonstrated any special skills in office. It seems to me that any attempt at balancing him against a businesswoman with experience in government service and in the pharmaceutical industry would quickly put Boyda in Congress. She's sharp and she has a lot of good ideas about how to make life better for the 2nd district of Kansas. Next time she's in your area, be sure to visit with her, and don't be afraid to tell her that Josh sent you.