Thursday, August 03, 2006

Priorities (Big Cats edition)

Jim Ryun is worried.

You'd think that with an expanding war in the Middle East that the United States and its allies seem to be losing on every front, an energy policy that's crushing us economically while encouraging the trends that have made this the hottest summer on record, wages stagnating, a recession on the horizon, and an election in a few months, that Ryun would have lots to worry about.

But he's above all that, preferring to spend time criminalizing contact with exotic felines. Apparently, a young girl was killed by a tiger, so we need a federal law forbidding anyone from touching cougars or tigers or lions. Even cubs.

The USDA already had regulations that forbade the situation where the girl was hurt. A new law won't change things. Giving the USDA the resources to ensure that the cats are properly cared for and that the cats and their visitors are kept safe from one another would be a better use of time.

It just wouldn't give Congressman Ryun a chance to grandstand. Apparently his obsession with shoe tariffs and with tinkering with the language of the oaths of allegiance and of renunciation of citizenship just wasn't enough.

Help Nancy Boyda sort out our national priorities.