Sunday, August 06, 2006

Republican two-step: Bush gives Roberts cover on delayed intel report

Memory pillsAs ever more questions are raised about how many elections Senator Roberts will delay the second part of the report on misuse of intelligence in the run-up to the invasion, we find Senator Roberts blaming the President:
The Republican chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee lashed out at the White House on Thursday, criticizing attempts by the Bush administration to keep secret parts of a report on the role Iraqi exiles played in building the case for war against Iraq.

The chairman, Senator Pat Roberts of Kansas, said his committee had completed the first two parts of its investigation of prewar intelligence. But he chastised the White House for efforts to classify most of the part that examines intelligence provided to the Bush administration by the Iraqi National Congress, an exile group.

“I have been disappointed by this administration’s unwillingness to declassify material contained in these reports, material which I believe better informs the public, but that does not — I repeat, does not — jeopardize intelligence operations, sources and methods,” Mr. Roberts said in a statement issued Thursday.
The reticence to release the report, and reports of struggles over how specific the report should be and whether it should make any specific recommendations have left the committee and the report in limbo. Last spring, the Senate Democratic leadership stopped work in to call attention to the delay. Given the ongoing tension in the region, having the statements issued by our leaders be accurate and honest is still of great importance, and this report is relevant for our progress forward, not just for assigning blame for the quagmire that is the Iraqi occupation.