Wednesday, August 09, 2006

There are none so blind as those who will not see: Corkins wears a blindfold

While moderates see incompetent Commish of Edumacashun Bob Corkins ouster as imminent:
“He’s an at-will employee of the board. When he loses six votes, he’s unemployed,” said Wagnon, the longest-serving member at 10 years.

Corkins discounted the departure talk.

“You can’t tell me who’s going to be sitting on the board in January. That’s speculation and I’m not going there,” he said.
Someone get him to sit in on a civics class. When people win elections, they get to sit on the board they were elected to. The Board next year will be Wagnon, Rupe, Gamble, Waugh, Shaver/Runyan, Cauble/Cruz, Weiss/Bacon, Wempe/Willard, Martin and Abrams. That's between 6 and 8 votes to hire a new Commish.