Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Blogging the Topeka hearings

Steve Case reads The Rules.

Two camera crews and a photographer. Another couple cameras show up late.

Suckass Steve Abrams is here.

Oops. No personal attacks. Be specific.

TfK is about number 10.

Spencer Clark, bio teacher, for minority report. Don't prevent exchange of ideas. Evolution is outright lies.

Science teacher, minority report. Reads the dictionary. Diversity, etc. except for evolution.

Rachel Robson, christian, teach science. Old earth. All life from common ancestor. “My god is bigger than that, my god does not lie.” “supernatural mumbo jumbo” Nicely done.

Distinguished prof at KSU. Opposes minority report. IDC not science.

KSU emeritus. Not sure which version he supports. Design fails. Go Draft 1!

Joy Wardes. Minority report. Critical thinking. End the censorship.

Paul Burke, church guy, This is a debate between scientists. No.

Why, oh why did the Senate let the damn Santorum amendment through?

Richard Miller, minority report. Engineer. I think we'll hear about the Grand Canyon. No, the Challenger disaster. That poor space teacher died because of evolution. Data contradict evolution.

I adlibbed. Why, I don't know. I should have just read the statement. I was playing to the cameras. I was brief though.

Cathy Collins, draft one. Teach science as we practice it.

Jason Botz, Sunday school, missionary, evolutionary biologist. Evolution is a robust body of knowledge. I won't dictate to the Creator.

another grad student. evolution is supported. ID sucks.

Quantum chemist, opposes Draft 1. Teaches us the history of science, even though he never encountered it.

Douglas Phenix, very scottish minister, baseball team forced to play by tennis rules. “After all, tennis is a perfectly legitimate game.” Don't do science according to rules of religion.

Richard Wells. Electronic engineer. The fit of data to creationism isn't scientific proof. Evolution is the same. No. Let's link to On Hypotheses.

Statistics on the hearings. Teachers are protecting their “sinnings.”

Case. Don't classify people.

Paul Willis. Xtian, Bio teacher. Science is physical, religion is metaphysical. Explains the difference between theory and “theory.” Atomic and germ theories. The love of money, not evolution, is the

Minority report. Teach what we know and don't know. Theory and fact. Now we're citing Ted Kennedy.

Farwell, minority report. “Evolutionism failed.”

Leo Kerwin. Latin and philosophy. We're quoting St. Augustine now. I don't know how this relates to science.

Helen Alexander, mother and professor. 21 articles for IDC, only two were science, others were on social. 16,000+ for evolution. “My kids”

John, undergrad at KU, from Emporia. Why our schools suck. Evolution taught as an either-or essay. IDC sucks, don't make another generation go through this.

Chris Haufler, Too many of my students never got taught evolution

Bob Hagen, biologist at KBS, PhD and father. Minority report misguided and wrong.

Andrew Stangel. sophmore at KU. In favor of post-Enlightenment science. Flying saucers as creation. Bad science teaching hurt me. IDC sucks. People who say “just a theory” I think they're stupid.

Dr. Robert Bowdoin, KSU, father, oppose minority report. It's wrong and even backwards. Don't redefine science to fit your theory. Molecular phylogenetics shows evolution. Fossils show transitions.

Someone from Baldwin City, trying to address the audience. Preacher grandkid and science teacher. I don't know what his point was.

Approve minority report, and we'll be leaders! (In stupidity.)

Mary Kay .... Kansans for Life. Scientists are eugenicists. Damn you Allen Press! Stop printing stuff.

Jenny Gleason. Professor at KU, teaching evol. bio. Define theory. IDC sucks. It isn't science. Let debate continue in scientific community, not at const to students.

Phil Beringer. Tweak standards to clarify the meaning of theory. Show how the review process works. “Students need to learn to distinguish baloney.” Board accepts baloney. “trial lawyer John Calvert” Wait for 2006.

Mammoliti, biologist, father of two. minority report is more open.

Jim Boyd. grad student at ESU, almost chose U. of Iowa instead of ESU. Lutheran college thought Board was stupid. “Politics and religion dressed up in a lab coat.”

Loretta Johnson, KSU, petition from KSU.

Matthew Puechner, microbiologist at KU and parent of a student in HS bio. Oppose minority. NAS, created by science. “Can't observe a gene, or an electron.”

Nathan Swink, We're talking about Greece. Constrain science to observable world.

Tom Brundgardt, teacher of history and government. Teach IDC as history or government, not as science. Teach it with the Middle Ages.

Alan McFarlane, raise literacy of Kansans. IDC sucks. Only beginning of the path to young earth creationism. No new natural resources, unlike feeding of the crowds.

Pat Hayes, of Red State Rabble. Parent: “I hear 'I love you' and 'That's not fair.'” 5 reasons why minority report sucks. Museums! Be fair to all creation myths.

Joe Dratter, chem major at KU. IDC undermines science ed.

Scott Capes, teacher in Emporia, pres. of KS Ass. of Teachers of Science. Current standards good. Don't mess with them.

Don Jacobs, citizen. IDC religious. Doesn't explain universe. Supernova. Is it intelligent? Devastation of tsunamis, etc? IDC is “a box from which you can never escape.”

Stacy Hart, biol. teacher. I follow the standards. “evidences” I taught evolution and critical thinking. Oppose minority. When IDC evidence emerges, I'll teach it. No faith in Darwin, faith in God.

Sam Wine, astronomy teacher. After a sheriff was killed, we got a book arguing that if we had taught geocentrism, our sheriff wouldn't have been killed. What comes next?

Tony Moss, data analyst. Clocks were persecuted in industrial revolution, giving advantage to Northern Europe. Are clock makers welcome here?

Tod Martin, parent, educator. Best education. What's next? Gravity? Heliocentrism? Popularity isn't truth. IDC not science by definition. Can't just redefine shit.

Brian Mosely, former KU student, now at KC zoo. Oppose minority report. Debating ID is like debating a ghost in a mirror. Should be able to debate it without attacking evolution. Great orators aren't great scientists. Let IDC stand on its own, don't make it a dyadic battle.

Lisa Bohler(?), science teacher. Always taught evolution, and always will. Good teacher, very enthusiastic. Sperm competition as evolution.

Pedro Luis Irigonegaray, trial lawyer, Don't harm children, keep IDC out. IDC==child abuse.

James Frager, Washburn grad. Teach good science. KS 7th in graduating college students, 36th in keeping them here.

McClouth HS teacher, now at KSU. No evidence for IDC. Don't want to teach it without evidence. Will you give teachers support for teaching? WIll you guide curriculum development for teachers?

Linda Hiland, last one. Scientists defining science are intimidators. Blah. Could evolution lack empirical data?