Friday, February 25, 2005

DA Hecht asked to intervene over illegal meetings

CJOnline: Hecht asked to intervene 02/25/05:

[AG Phill Kline's] explanations didn't satisfy Sen. Anthony Hensley, D-Topeka, and Rep. Paul Davis, D-Lawrence, who invited District Attorney Robert Hecht to investigate.

“Our desire to investigate this matter comes from our concern for transparent government and accountability,” said Hensley, the Senate's minority leader said at a news conference Thursday.

Davis said a third-party examination was necessary since the attorney general, under normal circumstances, would be called upon to evaluate alleged infractions.

Precise information about what was discussed during Kline's private encounters with board members should be turned over to Hecht, Davis said.
For those just joining us, perhaps thanks to Kline's invasion of women's privacy, here's the story.

Every couple years, conservatives try to redefine science standards to weaken teaching of evolution. Kline illegally held secret meetings with 6 of the 10 members of the Kansas Board of Education. He excluded the 4 moderates, and offered to defend the Board if they put warning stickers on textbooks, even though a court has ruled that similar labels in Georgia were unconstitutional.

I called for a public independent investigation a couple days ago, and I hope Hecht steps in. This isn't about science or education, or even abortion. For Kline, it's about running for governor, and for the law, it's about privacy.

Why didn't he inform the patients that he wanted their records? They aren't targets of the investigation, if he's to be believed. So why not ask them if they want to press charges? Why not have this be public, so women don't have to live in fear?