Thursday, February 24, 2005

Kline violates medical privacy

Wichita Eagle | 02/24/2005 | Kline seeks identities of abortion recipients:
Kline's subpoena ordered the complete, unedited medical records be delivered to Shawnee County District Judge Richard Anderson by October 2004. Kline subpoenaed records of females who sought abortions at least 22 weeks into their pregnancy.

Under the order signed by Anderson, the records would include each patient's name, medical history, details of her sex life, birth control practices and psychological profile.

The attorney general wants to look at the records to search for evidence of crimes defined by laws that limit late-term abortions and require mandatory reporting of suspected child sexual abuse.
This isn't the first time he's messed with this. His argument is that no minor child can have become pregnant by legal means, so he wants to see records. He also just announced that a Wichita doctor is being questioned about the death of a Texas patient. While stressing that Tiller is not a suspect, he threw around enough innuendo to kill a cow.

Plus he's embroiled in a scandal for violating Kansas Open Meeting laws.

And he'll announce his candidacy for governor soon.