Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The meeting

We won. Hands down. I'm too lazy to actually count the goddamn people who spoke, and tally all the different stuff. But we won. The creationists packed the hall early, but we owned the last hour of the meeting.

Not only did we win, we had every angle. The creationists kept the real wackos home, which kept things tame. We had high school students, ministers, grad students, college students, teachers, parents. Everything.

One science teacher talked about how she teaches biology. She starts with evolution, because that's what connects all of biology. Then she talks about human genetics, and how sperm competition affects human evolution, how meiosis recombines diversity.

Another demanded clear guidance and continuing education for science teachers.

Grad students explained why they came to Kansas; college students talked about how poorly their high schools handled evolution.

Scientists explained how theories work, and pointed out that no one does research based on IDC; the creationists kept saying “Oh, there's a controversy, evolution's just a theory.”

Victory is sweet, if brief.