Saturday, February 26, 2005

Political Action Committees

Following up on a suggestion by Red State Rabble: Follow the money:

Here is a list of conservative board members who received campaign contributions from the Free Academic Inquiry and Research Committee (FAIR), a political action committee that makes contributions to anti-evolution candidates and shares a post office box with the socially conservative Kansas Republican Assembly.

Not surprisingly, the list is six of the Topeka Seven (excluding Mr. Kline).

So I'm going to try to correlate the spending habits of various contributors to the creationists. Let's start with Free Academic Inquiry & Research Committee (FAIR).

Political Action Committees:
Free Academic Inquiry & Research Cmte
PAC Contributions to Federal Candidates
2004 Cycle
House CandidateTotal Contribs
Kobach, Kris (R-KS)$1,000
Total to Democratic House Candidates:$0
Total to Republican House Candidates:$1,000

Hmm. Their only contributions in the last (or any) federal election cycle were to TfK regular, Kris Kobach. Take a minute to remind yourself why TfK dislikes Mr. Kobach. Or wander through the memories at KrisWatch.

Interestingly, Dr. Bill Harris gave to Kathy Martin and Ken Willard. Harris is the leader of the creationist minority on the science standards committee, Martin and Willard are in the Board's creationist majority. Here's where you do your own searches.

It's also nice of Steve Abrams, John Bacon, and Ken Willard to contribute to Phill Kline's campaign. It's possible that other Board members contributed to Kline through family members.

People are entitled to give to whoever they choose. But the fact that the same people accused of a conspiracy to violate the Open Meetings Act all gave money to the man who invited them to the illegal meetings is suspicious.

Given that all of Kline's public acts have been transparent attempts to position himself for a run for higher office, a question arises. Did the Topeka Seven undertake their acts for the purpose of furthering Kline's career, whatever the cost to Kansas children?

Update: Suspicions about husbands was removed. They alleged relatives weren't.