Thursday, March 03, 2005

Digging deeper

The tireless Red State Rabble has delved deeper into the campaign finance issues TfK has been looking at. TfK freely admits that it was RSR who tipped us off in the first place to the questions of financing.

The story thus far:
  • Various creationist candidates for the Board of Education gave money to the Attorney General's campaign.
  • He met with them illegally to discuss warning stickers on books.
  • When the science standards committee was poised to reject the proposals written by the Intelligent Design Network, the Board created a three member subcommittee to hold “hearings.”
  • John Calvert, head of the ID Net, contributed $1700 to four Board members' campaigns, including all three members of the subcommittee.
  • Calvert sits with the committee at meetings.
  • Bill Harris was chosen as the spokesman for the creationist minority on the standards committee.
  • Harris has contributed to creationist Board members, including one member of the subcommittee.
  • Harris sits with the subcommittee.
Now RSR shows that, by walking the line between state and federal PACs, contributing in each phase of the campaign, and creating organizations run out of a PO box, the creationist received lots of cash from the Republican party and its associated fund raising arms.

I'll go one better. These PO box PACs are a stealth conservative party. Free Academic Inquiry and Research (the group he profiles) gave money to only one federal candidate: Kris Kobach. Only one federal candidate ever. An extremist who never had fundraising parity with the popular incumbent, in large part because of his extremism.

RSR shows that this group is an arm of the Kansas Republican Victory Fund (same offices and treasurer). It isn't clear how Kobach would have promoted this academic agenda in Congress, but it is clear that he shares a warped misunderstanding of the religious nature of this nation with the people trying to push Biblical literalism in the schools.

So that's the agenda. Not to elect Republicans. To elect creationists. To elect people who think that this should be a Christian theocracy.

Isn't that worth a couple dollars to these folks' opponents? Dennis Moore, the DNC and KCFS.