Sunday, March 06, 2005


Kansas City Star | 03/06/2005 | Harmony unlikely in Kansas:

“We've got Republicans who don't like Republicans,” [former Republican state chair Dennis Jones] said. “Conservatives who don't like moderates, and moderates who don't like conservatives.”

One big Republican name you can probably cross off the list of potential candidates for Kansas governor is Attorney General Phill Kline. Last week, Kline said he's likely to seek a second term to his current job.
These quotes are separate matters. The first one is the problem. There's not just one Republican party, there are two, and a bunch of people who still think it's one party, trying to paper over the difference.

The second is a small victory, if true. Kline shouldn't be governor, and it's clear that he doesn't deserve to be Attorney General. Whatever high office he looks for, he'll get beaten. From that perspective, I'd love to see him in the governor's race. He'd lose, and it would be a big win for Sebelius. On the other hand, this leaves an opportunity to win the AG's office back, and really crack down on meth and other crime, rather than making a circus of the office.

Congratulations, TfKers, this is one victory in a big battle.