Thursday, March 03, 2005

RIP, Flying Foy

The New York Times > Theater > Peter Foy, Who Sent Performers Flying, Dies at 79:
Mr. Foy lived, he often said, for the audible gasp from the audience when an earthbound performer suddenly took flight. He flew a string of Broadway Peter Pans, including Mary Martin, Sandy Duncan and Cathy Rigby. He flew Bob Hope, Jack Benny and Michael Jordan. He flew Garth Brooks over Texas Stadium and Nadia Comaneci over Times Square. He flew Liberace, piano and all.
Also the Flying Nun. Needless to say, he served in the Royal Air Force in The War, and achieved fame for his brilliant ability to rig and fly people. There are only so many people you'd trust for work like that, and Foy was number one.

He died of a heart attack in Las Vegas, survived by his wife and frequent test subject.

A brilliant, elegant, and warm man, by all accounts. Remembering him sweetens this otherwise sour story: China says U.S. Has Double Standard on Rights (
China accused the United States on Thursday of using double standards to judge human rights in other countries, adding to a growing list of nations suggesting the government that produced the Abu Ghraib prison abuses has no business commenting on what happens elsewhere.
Don't say I didn't warn you.