Thursday, May 26, 2005


it's only a theory...: On the Shoulders of Giant Mistakes...:
Consider the following excerpt from a letter written by Isaac Newton to Reverend Dr. Richard Bentley in 1692, in which he describes some of the implications of his Law of Gravitation...

"To your second query I answer that the motions which the planets now have could not spring from any natural cause alone but were impressed by an intelligent agent. For since comets descend into the region of our planets and here move all manner of ways, going sometimes the same way with the planets, sometimes the contrary way, and sometimes in cross ways in planes inclined to the plane of the ecliptic at all kinds of angles, it's plain that there is no natural cause which could determine all the planets both primary and secondary to move the same way and in the same plane without any considerable variation. This must have been the effect of counsel."

I've been thinking about this for a while, and I think it's time to discuss my theory of intelligent falling.

I was inspired to question the Newtonist dogma on "gravity" when I learned that science cannot explain the movement of three things at once. Sure, Newton's "laws" can explain how two things move, but Newtonists can't explain how a third object would affect that movement.

Newtonism would be great if there were only two objects.

But Newton cannot explain even this one object: The Pioneer Spacecraft.

Newtonism would be great of it could explain the Pioneer anomaly.

Of course Newtonists claim they can predict the motion of planets and such, but if they can't predict the motion of three objects, it's clear this is a lie. Afterward, they can explain why they were wrong, but close only counts in horeshoes and hand grenades. Did a Newtonist ever predict where a comet would come into existence?

Newtonism would be great if they could explain where the planets come from.

Newtonism would be great if they could tell were gravity comes from.

Newtonism would be great if they knew what gravity was.

There's a lot of little "if"s in Newtonism, and a lot of debate about "gravity." I think those little "if"s add up to one big IF: Intelligent Falling.

IF holds that the motion of the planets and stars around the earth is too complex to be explained through natural processes alone. There must be a Pusher. If a person is just walking along and suddenly falls down, you expect that happened because he was pushed.

I believe that angels push the planets around, and control the falling of objects toward one another. If this is true, there's no reason to teach our children the unBiblical falsehood that the earth moves around the sun. If the Pusher wanted the sun to move, there's no reason that it couldn't.

Newtonism is in crisis, and our children should be taught the controversy. If Newtonists can't explain what gravity is, why not accept their "saint"'s recantation above and acknowledge that Intelligent Falling is the only credible explanation for the universe.