Thursday, June 23, 2005

Is there something going around?

The Raw Story | Republican candidate calls Bush Admin 'Nazis,' quits party:
A candidate for North Carolina Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court has announced on her campaign's blog that she is leaving the Republican Party and denounced the Bush administration's policy on troop withdrawal from Iraq. Rachel Lea Hunter, a Republican and a candidate for Chief Justice, likens Bush’s administration to the “Nazis” and says that all who disagree with the administration are being branded as “traitors”.
I'm inclined to agree with Orac and John Stewart that it's dumb to go around calling people Hitler (or Stalin). It insults everyone involves and trivializes the horrors of the Nazi Final Solution and Stalin's Purges.

But it means something that so many people are left without comparisons for the Bush Administration other than Hitler. Maybe it's a paucity of imagination, or maybe that's the only reference available to the public. But no one since Stalin has slaughtered 30 million political opponents. No one since Hitler has slaughtered 12 million people simply on the basis of their ethnicities. So until Bush starts proposing a "Final Solution," it's probably worth setting that rhetoric aside.

However, there's a perfectly acceptable substitute.

He's out of power now, but in his time he invaded other countries for oil, but trumped up claims to make it seem acceptable. He tortured people in prisons and even used Abu Ghraib. Yeah, I'm talking Saddam.

Henceforth, instead of comparing people to Hitler, compare them to Saddam Hussein. Or maybe Castro.

I'm Def” by They Might Be Giants from the album Then - The Earlier Years (1997, 1:08).