Monday, November 21, 2005


Bloggers inundating Kansas politics |
The political “blogosphere” in Kansas is young and, for the most part, thinly populated. Two of the more established — “Thoughts From Kansas” by Kansas University graduate student Joshua Rosenau and “Red State Rabble” by science teacher Pat Hayes — sprang up in the past 18 months and closely tracked the evolution controversy at the Kansas State Board of Education.

Rosenau said he gets 500 hits a day on his blog, which has attracted attention from readers in Washington, D.C., and on, a national Web magazine.

”My niche covering Kansas politics is largely a result of market analysis,” Rosenau said via e-mail. “The national scene has its established sites, but Kansas really didn’t. I didn’t know what was going on, and I figured other people might not either.”
Of course, TfK isn't the only blog mentioned. The Anti-Sam gets a mention, as do some regular sparring partners from across the aisle. Sorry, j.d., I didn't see you mentioned (and I know the reporter knows you exist).