Wednesday, November 23, 2005

For those wondering continues to send much more traffic my way than I've gotten from mentions in the Journal-World or (or the Pitch Weekly, Le Croix, the Bergen Record, or the Horace Mann Record). The same can be said of traffic after a good blog carnival. For blog fame, the community of bloggers is better that the adulation of the press.

Something to ponder as you meditate on the nature of fame, connectedness, and community.

For this, I give thanks to my readers, regular, irregular, new and lapsed.

The one word I emphasize to every reporter who contacts me to ask what this blogging thing is all about is: community.

Obviously, I let you get to know me, but I've gotten to know a lot of you who read, just as I've gotten to know the bloggers I read. No blog succeeds without that community, and as we approach Turkey Day, I want to be sure to pass on my thanks to you all.

I have much more to be thankful for tomorrow, most importantly Ms. TfK, but there are other places for that. This is where I acknowledge all of you.

I'm constantly fascinated by the ways that the Internet lets communities form regardless of geography and physical proximity. The Frappr map shows regular readers around the world, but TfK still feels like a close community. I want to thank all my readers for a great year.

Posting will be spotty over the holiday break, but I'll try to have something up here to entertain you after you extinguish the massive fire caused by your turkey frier and before you start your Christmas shopping.

As always, Christmas shopping that begins with the search box gives some free money to TfK, which is always appreciated.