Monday, November 14, 2005

Harry McDonald profiled in the Star

Kansas City Star | 11/14/2005 | An uphill fight, right from start:
“I know I need to raise money, because past experience says the social conservatives will be well-funded,” he said. “But what I really need to do is raise the indignation of Kansans.”

McDonald is one of two announced candidates. Democrat Don Weiss of Olathe entered the race last week and to date has no opponent in his party’s primary.

But McDonald almost certainly will face a primary opponent. If it’s not Bacon, who tells me he hasn’t decided whether to seek a third term, then McDonald can safely assume he’ll be facing another social conservative.

“I don’t want to just campaign on the science standards, though,” said McDonald, founder of Kansas Citizens for Science. “That’s merely indicative of what’s wrong with this board.”

When I was poking around the funding of conservatives, I found that not only are they well-funded, they are funded from a small base. Conservatives raised at least twice as much money as their moderate opponents or colleagues. As I wrote last March:

the science community not only hasn't abused the system, they've barely participated. Could a couple hundred dollars have beaten one of the conservatives? Hard to say.
We'll find out soon. I encourage you to send a couple dollars to the candidate of your choice. I believe that the state's limit on donations is $500. Most races are won with about $20,000.

It's a dictum of politics that early money is like yeast, it helps raise the dough. A few bucks now will make your favorite candidates – Harry McDonald, Don Weiss, Tim Cruz, Sally Cauble, Janet Waugh (the only incumbent moderate up for re-election), or Paul Runyan – more effective down the line.

I'll try to get information from each campaign about where to send the dough.