Saturday, November 19, 2005

In which I copy-edit the Times (Partisan is as partisan does edition)

G.O.P. Tries to Split Democrats With Vote on Iraq War:
The Republican-controlled House is expected to defeat the measure in a vote that the Republicans hope will leave the Democrats in disarray.
A more apt title would be "G.O.P. plays politics with soldiers' lives, global security." I will say that it's interesting that Republicans didn't even bother painting the incompetently rewritten resolution in terms of security. The original called for a carefully planned withdrawal, leaving a quick reaction force in place, and it explained why this was prudent, and called for the use of a word Don Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, John Bolton and George W. Bush will have to look up: diplomacy. Maybe George H. W. Bush or Colin Powell can explain how that works.

By the way, calling a decorated Marine veteran a "coward"? Classy (especially from a woman who got to Congress by misrepresenting the service record of veteran of this latest war in Iraq).

One of these days, the House leadership (not necessarily including Roy Blunt, like a good ganglord, Tom DeLay could run his racket from prison if he had to) should chat with the Senate leadership (not necessarily including Bill Frist, Lindsay Graham and John McCain seem to have plundered the Senate leadership, and are squabbling over the spoils). While the House is trying to turn withdrawal into a wedge, the Senate has demanded that the DoD make measurable progress toward withdrawal. It was a wishy-washy demand, watered down from a thoughtful and detailed Democratic proposal, but half a loaf is better than an unending quagmire.