Tuesday, November 22, 2005

In which I reassign New York Times reporters (Dog bites man edition)

Dear New York Times:

It isn't news when the The Vice President says the same thing again and again. Yes, he thinks I'm shameless. But I think that Big Time is pretty shameless himself, and no one's reporting that on the front page of the erstwhile paper of record.

Surely something happened in Washington of greater interest.

In the last few days you covered that story twice, rewrote a post I (and many others) wrote about white phosphorus (and did a worse job), and came in second on an observation I made about the shift in the true power in the Senate.

The Willie Pete story is particularly egregious because serious accusations are flowing around this, and we deserve better than a process story. At least I took the time to lay out the legal issues and the moral questions. The Times just pointed out that the Pentagon sure fucked up when they said that they didn't use white phosphorus except for illumination or smokescreen, and then their own soldiers said the opposite. Of course that's stupid, but the stupidity of the Bush administration is approaching "dog bites man," while the use of incendiary weapons in civilian populations is not.

Thoughts from Kansas