Sunday, November 27, 2005

Let the smear campaign begin

2nd KU class denies status of science to design theory |
In addition to intelligent design, the class Archaeological Myths and Realities will cover such topics as UFOs, crop circles, extrasensory perception and the ancient pyramids.

John Hoopes, associate professor of anthropology, said the course focused on critical thinking and taught how to differentiate science and “pseudoscience.” Intelligent design belongs in the second category, he said, because it cannot be tested and proven false.

“I think this is very important for students to be articulate about — they need to be able to define and recognize pseudoscience,” Hoopes said.
Sounds like a lot of fun.

One particular idea that's been swirling around in the camps of the IDolators is the notion that this course or the Mirecki course previously discussed will be a forum for a professor to issue diatribes without any oversight.

A course at KU has to be approved first by the department under its own rules, then reviewed by the university's administration. People spend months getting themselves ready, discussing the matter with colleagues and jumping through hoops before they're allowed to put a course on the schedule.

Whatever a professor thinks of an idea personally, he/she is obliged to present the state of knowledge in the field. A course in political philosophy that only involved readings from Marx and Engels would never fly. A Marxist professor could still teach the class, but it would have to demonstrate the full range of ideas.

Ad hominem attacks on the professors are irrelevant.