Monday, November 14, 2005

Lost credibility

Even among staunch Republicans:
"I think a lot of us would really stop and think a moment before we would ever vote for war or to go and take military action," Sen. Pat Roberts (Kan.) said on "Fox News Sunday."

"We don't accept this intelligence at face value anymore," he added. "We get into preemptive oversight and do digging in regards to our hard targets."
We'll let it pass that he's admitting to taking intel at face value. I imagine that evaluating this sort of briefing has special challenges, so I'm not prepared to make a thing out of that.

What's striking is that Senator Roberts, one of only 9 Senators to support the Administration's torture regime, no longer feels that he can trust the word of the President when he presents a case for war. I'm glad he plans to think for himself, but this is a rather striking sign that regardless of whether Bush lied, the nation has stopped trusting him.

The 2006 elections will be a fight for who trusts Bush the least.