Monday, November 28, 2005

Native Americans skeptical of IDC

Other creation stories deserve respect:
As indigenous people, we have experienced a long history of the forced imposition of religion through educational, judicial, political and government systems since contact with those who sought to escape religious persecution in their homelands by coming to America. In the name of God, our people have been slaughtered and our religions, systems of government and education have been oppressed. Imposed systems of religion and education have been used in an effort to indoctrinate indigenous people into a status of inferiority, and our children, homelands and resources have been stolen to advance the religions and civilization of our oppressor.
That history leaves them rightly skeptical of anything that smacks of religion being imposed in a science class. The same is true of many religious minorities, including Jews and Catholics, whose beliefs have only been protected in the public square through constant vigilance and occasional litigation.

Mixing more religion into society will always sound good to those who adhere to the majority's religious position. But a democracy must protect itself from the trend toward such simple majoritarianism, or it descends into mob rule. Just ask Aristotle.