Monday, November 21, 2005

Reform Judaism against Alito

The Union for Reform Judaism's Biennial conference produced several adopted resolutions, including:
Judge Alito’s elevation to the Supreme Court “would threaten protection of the most fundamental rights which our Movement supports including, but not limited to, reproductive freedom, the separation between church and state, protection of civil rights and civil liberties, and protection of the environment;”

On choice, women’s rights, civil rights, and the scope of federal power particularly as it relates to civil rights and environmental protection, Judge Alito’s nomination “has engendered a national debate on one or more issues of core concern to the Reform Movement so that the outcome of the nomination is likely to be perceived as a referendum on that issue and will have significant implications beyond the individual nomination;”

THEREFORE, the Union for Reform Judaism resolves to:

Oppose Judge Alito’s nomination as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States now, based on his extensive record, but have the Union review that decision at the end of the hearings, with the understanding that if disclosures in the hearings do not reflect substantial changes, the Union will remain in opposition to his nomination.
I'm inclined to agree, and have done so for some time. It's nice to see religious groups standing up for their values and the values of so many Americans. We can only hope for a revival of the religious left to balance the often foreign theology of the religious right.