Monday, November 28, 2005


State Board of Education turns to vouchers:
"This is why [Bob Corkins] was hired, to try to get kids to private and parochial schools and get public dollars to pay for it," [Republican Jean Schodorf] said.
Schodorf chairs the State Senate's Education Committee, and is no fan of Corkins.

Any proposal to create vouchers or to allow charter schools without the involvement of the local school board would have to be approved in the legislature. The Kansas charter school law sounds like a pretty reasonable compromise position already, and shouldn't be modified. Vouchers, as I've said before, are not a good idea.

In particular, a reader points out that voucher/charter school proposals as written would not require private schools to adhere to special needs students' Individualized Education Plan.

As my correspondent writes:

The IEP is how parents & teachers work together to plan for the best education for that particular child. The plan outlines services that the child needs, and who should provide them, and when. Essentially, those schools could take those kids in (along with the associated $$$), then forget about them.
Let your representatives and senators know, this is a bad idea.