Wednesday, November 30, 2005

"We're all trying … to mold our culture, I guess"

He don’t need no education:
A casual observer of news accounts documenting Corkins' rise to state education commissioner might conclude that his hiring was simply another ridiculous move by an elected body of half-wits.

But the casual observer would be wrong. Given Corkins' lack of experience, and given that this is Kansas, there's only one possible explanation for his hiring: politics.

In fact, Corkins' ascension to education commissioner was a calculated move by the board's six conservative members — Abrams, John Bacon, Kathy Martin, Connie Morris, Iris Van Meter and Ken Willard.

"There's very little that we do that isn't a political move," Bacon tells the Pitch. "There's not any part of anything we do that isn't politically motivated, because we're all trying in one way or another to mold our culture, I guess."
The article goes on to explain what those politics are (anti-tax ideology mostly), and how poorly things have gone so far.

"Now that I've met him, I'm even more concerned," Wichita Public Schools Superintendent Winston Brooks tells the Pitch.