Saturday, November 26, 2005

Who helps whom

rereason is one of the underappreciated blogs out there. It's a very smart, very Christian, and quite progressive little blog. I don't know how Mike votes, but I like the way he thinks.

Today's sermon is on The Best Known Bible Verse that Isn't:
A survey shows that the best known Bible verse in America is "God helps those who help themselves." Some 82% of us think that's in the Bible.

Anyone reading this knows the Bible doesn't say that. …

Hasty conclusions about the moral decay of a culture that elevates a selfish maxim to Biblical proverb tempt one like chocolate twinkies. Bemoaning the Biblical ignorance of Christians - something I indulged in here - is all too easy. And fun, too.
Mike doesn't offer easy answers, but does point out that elevating this particular non-verse to the status of Proverb serves particular political goals while chopping off the trunk of Jesus' message.

Worth thinking about. It's not about the hypocrisy of a "Christian nation" which mostly can't identify a true Bible verse from a folk saying. It's deeper than that.